Instrument Rental Program

Moroz Violins is pleased to offer the highest quality rental violins, violas and cellos at affordable prices. Our instruments are expertly adjusted in our shop with careful attention to precise specifications. Violins and violas are fitted with Pirastro Tonica strings, and cellos are fitted with Helicore, or similar, strings. Each is fitted with a Wittner tailpiece. Advancing students and discerning musicians alike can be assured that these are the finest rental instruments in Utah.

Rental prices are as follows, for 10 months plus 2 months free with renewal:

Violin, 1/8 to 3/4 size$275
Violin, 4/4 size$325
Viola, 11” to 14”$325
Viola, 15” and larger$375
Cello, 1/8 to 3/4 size$600
Cello, 4/4 size$700

Instruments include a brazilwood or fiberglass bow, and a hard-shell case for violins and violas, and a padded bag for cellos.

Rental fees include insurance (with some exceptions) for theft, reasonable wear and tear, accidental damage (major and minor), and broken strings.

Our rental fee includes a generous credit toward purchase: 100% of the first year’s rental fees, plus 20% of fees paid in subsequent years, can be applied toward the purchase of an instrument.

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